The Self-Care Challenge is all about looking at your current self-care practices, your self-love, and how well you know yourself. Each day you receive an email with questions to answer. The Challenge is drawing off what you already have inside you, using YOUR skills, passions, talents, and desires to build a life of peace, joy, and resiliency.

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Some Quotes from Challenge Participants:

"I have fallen so behind the challenges but not giving up. Slowly n gradually with everything lately in my life I'm catching up. Life is feeling somewhat better because of these challenges n more inner soul searching n cleansing."
"Challenge 6 - Me " Stories?! I've dealt with all my stories!" Me again " Oh a story in itself" . 😳  So....I picked what I thought was a "tame" story I tell myself. The more I wrote about it , the more I realized how strongly rooted this "story" is & how it's directed so many of my choices...even 40 years later. I'm stunned. And this was one I thought was simple or "not so big" . I will be challenging this "story" every chance I get... 😉"

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