Recipe for a Happy Life

Many years ago, I wrote down my own 'rules' for a happy life. When I wrote these down, I tried to be as realistic as possible. I was looking through my old commonplace book the other day and found the original rules and thought I would share what I wrote with everyone. Here they are:

1.  Gratitude every day, whenever you think to say thank you - say it!

2.  Write every day in your book. Record the weather if you have nothing to say. Be consistent, it will become a habit and will ground you in rocky times. (Back then this referred to my commonplace book, now it's my TN)

3. Tell people you love that you love them. You never know when it will be the last time you get to.

4. Believe good things will happen. What you put out in the universe comes back to you.

5.  Be outside as often as you can. It's healing, connects you to the earth and to the bigger picture of the world around you.

6.  No processed fast food...they are simply chemical shitstorms and don't nourish you.

7.  Only eat when you are hungry.

8.  Don't eat after 7pm, your body needs fasting/down time over night.

9.  Stop eating when you are full - that's easy lol.

10. Move every day. 

11. Share your knowledge and gifts with others. You weren't put on this earth to be an island but to connect with other souls.

12. Be kind, it's free and you don't know anyone else's struggle in life. It's easy to judge on appearances but those will fool you, just be nice.

13. Lastly, smile when you least feel like it. Only you can create your happiness.