I started Organize Your Soul many years ago - originally called Joy Is A Choice - to deliver easy-to-connect-with information about self-care, self-love, and an avenue to find joy. I am a mother of four - three daughters and a son, I have five beautiful granddaughters and a life I love in little Everett, Washington.  I have been teaching emotional wellness classes to professionals who work with people in trauma and crisis for over fifteen years. I've worked in every arena of serving victims of crime in the course of my career and find helping the helping professional to be the most satisfying work I've done.  

The greatest success in my life has been raising my four children who are all amazing people that I am lucky to have in my life.  I have been urged, by class participants, to share my philosophies and life and thus this blog is born.... I also have a passion for my Traveler's Notebooks and how they keep my life in alignment, helping me track my days, tasks, goals, dreams and inspiration.  On these pages I will share with you resources, tricks, vendors, and favorites that I have found for making my TN's unique to my needs...maybe some of them will help you.  I will also share free download inserts as I create them!